Flo Period Tracker: Period & Ovulation Tracker App Reviews

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Great App.

Only had it for a few days but its awesome! Definitely would recommend

Easy and informative!!

Its very easy to use and very smart.

Love it so far

Recommended by a friend. Well thought out app. Easy to use.

Great! A few suggestions..

Would be great if we could link this to our iphone calendar and to dos. Pill taking reminders should come from one app. Synching personal journals would be cool too. Evernote, day 1 notebook, any sports app for vitals, music apps (tidal, spotify, deezer, soundcloud...).

Very good app but should have more symptoms

This app is really good so far and very helpful. The only thing is that it should have more symptoms (ex. Constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, joint pains, etc.) and there should also be an option to log in menstruation flow (ex. Heavy flow, medium flow and light flow).

Just as goo as clue if not better

This app atracts teens more than clue

Great App

I love how easy the app is to use and the symptom tracker. I think the only think I would change is to have a light, medium and heavy flow option for the period.


This app is so easy to use and everything is so clearly laid out!


Easy to use and is definitely in point! Love it!


I never tracked my cycles before this app and now I wonder how I ever went without it!! Very accurate!!


I love this app it works well especially if you have irregular periods and makes sure you have a idea of when you need to be ready

One of the better apps for tracking periods

Love that this app is customizable and doesnt look like a unicorn puked all over it. The only thing I wish was different is more options to describe your flow and symptoms/moods. My old app let me choose the speed and color. And yes, Im the type of person that tracks faithfully and reports back to my doctor with the abnormalities.




I recommend this one. It is easy to use and doesnt feel like a burden to keep up with. I like that I have the options to track more than just my monthly and ovulation cycle, like my weight, moods, water, sleep, and more. I like that I havent seen any ads also so far.


Great love been looking for something like this for months! The other apps were to childish or too complicated!

Love the app

Over the past few years iv tried a lot of period apps but this one is my favourite! Really good interface, clean and direct. Finally an app I can really rely on.

Best Period Tracker App EVER!!!

Love this app, its super accurate and the reminders are awesome!


Easy to use. So far so good


This app is highly recommended! It is very easy to use and also very accurate.


This app is the first that Ive tried like it and it has been easy and very accurate as long as you provide the necessary information for it to calculate your results

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